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You can download Windows Application From Here

1.First, point your web browser to the OpenVPN Community Downloads page. Download and install version 2.3.8. Open and install the program using all the default settings.

2. Download the OpenVPN certificate bundle from below:
US1 OpenVPN Certificate Bundle
UK1 OpenVPN Certificate Bundle

3. Open the zip file and extract the files to the Program Files directory (click the ‘Extract All’ button). NOTE: On 32-bit systems, the directory is C:\Program Files\OpenVPN\config while on 64-bit systems you would use C:\Program Files (x86)\OpenVPN\config instead. Only 64-bit systems will show the (x86) directory.

4. The directory should open. The OpenVPN GUI only allows up to 50 config files (50 servers) to be displayed, so delete the servers that you do not want to connect to. If there are more than 50 config files in the directory, not all will be displayed in the list.

5. Launch the OpenVPN GUI as an administrator, or the program will not function correctly.

6. Locate the OpenVPN icon down at the bottom-right in the task bar and right-click on it.

7. Hover over the server you wish to connect to, and click ‘Connect’.

8. Enter your VPNKeys username and password when prompted and click OK.

9. If successful, you should see a successful connection prompt down in the bottom-right.